Third Party Validation – Why Do We Use It?

Cynthia and I have had some experience with some people that I would consider sales people, they’re closers, their the 2% of the world that can convince an eskimo to buy ice ok and what we’ve experienced is that some of these people have come into network marketing and have a tremendous amount of success in their 30 days. I actually saw one person sign up 30 people in 30 days and it wasn’t one a day, sometimes they’d sign up 3 in one day. Can you guys even imagine this? 30 people in 30 days into your business? But guess what this person had 6 months later; what their business looked like? A big zero you guys because it doesn’t matter what works for you, it only matters what duplicates. So the reason that we use third party validation in network marketing is so that your friends and family and the people you know and the people you introduce your business opportunity to, can see themselves doing the same thing you did right; can see themselves doing what you’re doing and if you’re this super amazing financial advisor and you can spout out numbers 90 ways to Sunday and you know things about your products that other people just don’t know and you can use really big, impressive words to really get people excited about the products and people are just like “Oh my gosh, this is going to be so big, I have to do it” and then they wake up the next morning and go “Oh, I didn’t think about the part where I have to be them” or they don’t get started at all because they go “I can never be you” right? So that’s the purpose of third party validation, is so that other people can duplicate what you do because remember what I said, it doesn’t matter what works for you, it only matters what duplicates.
So let’s talk about third party validation and why it’s so powerful. Third party validation comes in a lot of different forms you guys. It can be a third party call, it could be a pre-recorded call, it could be a webinar, it can be a 3-way phone call, it could be a home meeting, it could be a one on one at a coffee shop but third party validation is where you introduce the person to a tool or a person where they get the information from anyone but you, you’re simply the inviter, they’re getting the information from someone else so that at the end of the process you can ask the question, you can ask your friend “Can you do what I did?” and they’re gonna go “Woow, you didn’t really do anything except show me that video or introduce me to this girl over here and she did all the work” and you’re gonna go “Perfect” cause that’s your part. That’s your part in the beginning; be a professional inviter and let us do the work for you, that’s the power of third party tools. The other thing is the psychology behind it you guys. There is just something about having third party validation that works and it’s not just in prospecting or recruiting people into your opportunity, it’s also when it comes to training because you’ll talk to your team you guys I promise, Cynthia and I have seen it time and time again where we will say something over and over and over to someone on our team and then they’ll go to an event and someone else will say the same thing and it’ll just click, it just pops in their head and they go “Oh my gosh, did you hear what they said” and you’re going to think in your mind ‘I’ve told you that like 25 times’ but just don’t worry about it you guys, just love it, smile and run with them, run with that fire, you still got gas on it. It’s just psychology. This business is more about psychology than sales will ever be and so if you master psychology, you’re gonna win at network marketing so keep that in mind.
Now, how do we use third party validation effectively? I’m gonna tell you the number one key to third party validation right now you guys. The number one key is to ‘edify your third party’, whoever it is, I don’t care if they started yesterday or if they’ve been doing this for 7 years, if they’ve been doing it for 30 years, I don’t care if they’ve had a little bit of success or none at all yet, your edification of your third party is going to determine how much or to what level your prospect or guest even listens to them. If you don’t want to have any results at all, just don’t edify your third party and see what happens. Edify anyone, if they just got started just say “Hey, this is a brand new business partner of mine, I’m really excited because they have been on fire. They’ve absorbed this information, they know it a lot better than I do, they’re going to be able to explain it better, this is someone that I see on stage in lights, you’re gonna know their name, this person is a mover and shaker and people are following them like crazy.” Edify whoever it is. Now, if they’ve had a lot of success obviously, use that success. One thing that Cynthia and I like to teach and always teach and something that we’ve always done is, if you don’t have your own story yet, borrow someone’s story until you do and that’s something that Cynthia and I were able to do effectively in the beginning before we even had a cheque story. We weren’t making much money yet but we borrowed other people’s stories until we had our own story and guess what you guys, it works so let’s recap third party validation real quick.
Why do we use it? Because it doesn’t matter what works for you, it only matters what duplicates. We need our prospect/guest to see themselves repeating whatever it was we showed them right? So duplication again; they need to see themselves doing what you did and number 2 is not why do we do it but how do we do it. We do it for edifying our third party so edify that third party, use third party validation, get in the groove you guys, find something that’s working for you and repeat that over and over and over again because consistency is another key to network marketing that you’re going to discover applies to every element of network marketing, is that consistency. So you guys, with that, that’s today’s periscope.

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