Our Story

Our Life didn’t always look like this……You’re dreams are closer than you think!

We were never ever, never ever, never ever going to do Network Marketing! OK, more about that later…

We are a father, husband, mother and wife. Our Family is everything!

Our family motto is “Live, Don’t Exist”! We are so Grateful for our life! We have wanted more for our family and to be able to give others that gift as well. We spent years searching for a platform to create precious time for our family. Like many, Bill spent most of his time in the corporate world, not left with much time to spend with our son Dillon, or each other. We decided we had sacrificed too much time and begin to buy it back! In 2003 Bill launched a global aviation business and came home to work out of a home office and build upon the network he had built during a 15 year career in aviation. It wasn’t an easy launch! But it did provide 6 years of memories and time together that a traditional job and office walls would never have allowed. So Grateful! We had our first taste of freedom, but we had no idea what was around the corner!

In early 2009 we were entering one of the hardest times in our life! We were facing a loss we had not prepared for. Our aviation business was devastated by the global economic recession in 2009. We hit rock bottom financially. We filed Bankruptcy, we lost vehicles and had our home foreclosed. We were humiliated and embarrassed.

OK, here’s where we were “never ever” going to do Network Marketing, after all we thought it was for people that couldn’t get a real job! Right? Never say never! We met people that were earning millions of dollars in the industry and it opened our eyes and our hearts. We found out that it is actually a profession, and one that gave us the ability to help other people find true freedom. We found out that it is a “Givers” profession, not a “Takers”.

You never know how strong you are until strong is the only option! We jumped “ALL IN”. But we were broke and brand new to Network Marketing. So we did what all insane people would do, we took our camper from Arizona to our home state of Texas in the summer of 2009 and lived in it for 4 months! We borrowed $500 from friends to keep our cell phones turned on so we could build our business. We worked “All of the hours”. When you’re going through Hell, run as fast as you can! It wasn’t pretty, we had a lot to learn and we made a ton of mistakes, but we figured it out! Just 2 years later we moved in to our dream home in Arizona.

It took us just over 2 years to hit the top rank in our company. We have earned countless free vacations, a free vehicle and millions of dollars, but our greatest achievement has been helping hundreds of other people find their freedom. We are talking about having “Time and Money” at the same time. Remember those friends that loaned us $500? They quadrupled their household income in less than three years and they have both been home enjoying freedom and raising their own children. Now that’s compensation that doesn’t come in the form of a check in the mail! It feels amazing to help people find their freedom!

We just were not willing to settle and took action! You can make the same decision. If we can do this, SO CAN YOU!

We would love to be a part of your network marketing journey. We are excited to “Pay forward” what we’ve learned. Be sure to enter your name and email below to be notified.

We look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you in whatever way we can.


Bill & Cynthia Delaney


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