The very first contact that you have with someone; the way that you expose your opportunity to them is their very first training. You’re training them from the very get-go. Now don’t think that people put much thought into that; they go well, I got someone started, now it’s time to do a ‘Get it Started’ training and I’ll teach them how to do this business but what we want you to recognize is that you’ve already trained them. You train them by example so however you’re inviting, however you’re exposing them to the information is how they’re being trained. You might say “I tell them to do one thing but I showed them a different way”. Keep it simple. Here’s the deal; duplication is going to happen whether you’re duplication is good behavior or bad behavior, you’re going to duplicate it and you’ve got to keep that in mind in everything that you do all the way from the very first invite/exposure, everything that you said, every action you took is going to be duplicated good or bad. In terms of duplication, I also want you to understand and be aware of the fact that it does not matter what works for you, it only matters what duplicates. Here’s an example.

I’m not an accountant or a CPA or a bookkeeper or a mathematician or any of that but let’s just say I was this super brilliant guy with numbers and I come in and I throw down the most amazing presentation you’ve ever seen in your life, I just blew your mind with numbers, you may go “Wow, that looks amazing but I can’t be you, I just don’t see myself ever being able to do what you did.” Guess what, you just ran them off. Same thing goes if you have products that are scientifically validated and you become the junior scientist and you prove and convince people of how great the science is then all of a sudden they’re going “Oh my gosh, my mom needs that, my dad needs that but don’t ask me to do that because I’m not a scientist, I didn’t do good in biology, I’m not going to be able to ever do what you did”. So you guys keep it super simple, keep it duplicatable. It’s going to make a really big difference in your business.

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