Mastering the invite applies to any business all the way around. You have to think about how you are going to get people in front of your product/services and create awareness of what you’re a part of right? Richard Branson says it very, very well. It doesn’t matter how great your products or services are, no one will hear about you unless you attract attention, it’s simple. Now that’s from Richard Branson – he has 8 multi-billion dollar companies but he puts the emphasis on keeping it simple. Why? Because it does not matter how great your products and services are, no one will hear about you unless you attract attention so let’s talk about the invite and how important it is.
You are in a profession of people – network marketing/networking. Whether you’re in network marketing or you’re an entrepreneur, you are a networker. It’s crucial for that business to grow and for people to find out about you. For you to have a customer base and for you to have potential business partners, there has to be some way, somehow that you’ve grown that awareness and it’s through a network. Everybody has a network; a 5 year old in kindergarten has a network. They’re introducing their friends to their parents; they’re learning at a young age, connecting people right? So keep it simple, that’s what we do, we are global networkers connecting like-minded visionaries and entrepreneurs; how exciting is that?

Communicating is key and what is the invite? The invite is simply a form of communication, there’s something huge going on, there’s something you’re so excited about and you want to make sure other people know. Think about when you’re on YouTube and somebody’s yelling across the house, “Oh my gosh, you gotta come and see this, you’re not going to believe this, it’s so hilarious” or “You’re not going to believe what you’re about to see” and you go running or they come running to you, you’ve created or attracted that attention right? You invited them to come and look at something. Now, we’re doing the same thing here but the invite is key. Phil and I train on something; it’s called ‘the 3 strikes’. In network marketing, there are 2 rules. The number 1 rule is ‘talk to more people’. You want to be that billboard, you want to be that voice for what you believe in, what you’re excited about and what you want other people to know; your company, your products, your services. The number 2 rule is ‘Have an effective invite because without an effective invite, your business is dead in the water. If you don’t have an effective invite, you can’t get people in front of what you’re so excited about and they will never know.

So let’s think about the invite, it’s very important that you know about our 3 strikes. Don’t let this diminish how strong you can be. You can let this empower you to have focus and strength in what other people have learnt. The invite – if you go up to somebody you know and you’re super excited about sharing everything with them and you go off on them, they’re no longer wondering what this is, they’re no longer wondering what you have, in their mind you’ve just created 3 scenarios. First one, you just told them everything so there’s no point in meeting business partners or getting them to a presentation or meeting because why would they; you just told them everything they needed to know – strike one. Strike 2 – You just told them so much, you overwhelmed them and there is no point in them wanting to do anything with what you’re doing because they already have a job, they already went to school, they are overwhelmed, they don’t have enough time with their kids and they don’t need to know all that, they don’t want to have to learn all that and they don’t want to have to be you right. Second strike! 3rd strike – You come up to Bill and I eight years ago and you go off, product services, we’ve got to take a look, we’ve got to come to a presentation, we’ve got to come to a meeting and Bill and I were thinking ‘Oh, it’s one of those things, that thing that people do when they can’t get a real job; no thanks.

If you have something you want to sell me, just show me. Now they’re just making assumptions right? Not good. First strike, second strike, third strike. Assuming it’s one of those things, not wanting to be you or not feeling like they need to get any more information. You don’t want to go there. Invites are meant to be kept short and sweet. I’m going to give you 3 examples of the invites that are very effective but you do not have to hold a script. Be yourself, be who you are. Your friends, your family, people you’re coming up to that haven’t even met you yet that you’re meeting for the first time, they’re going to get it if you’re genuine or if you’re trying to be something else or if you’re not sure. If you use the script, you’re probably going to use a lot of ‘ifs’ or you’re not going to be sure and people’s antennas are going to go up and they’re going to say hey, if they don’t believe in it, I sure as heck am not going to be their guinea pig. Be sure of where you are. Come from a point of passion, come from a point of conviction and have a strong posture. Those 3 things are super, super important. Review this training if you didn’t catch those 3.
The next 3 things I want to give you are the examples. So, effective invites:
Example #1 – “Wow Tom, you and I have known each other for years and in the last 3 years you’ve been miserable in your career, you’ve been miserable at your job” or “Tom, you’re not getting enough time with your kids and you’re so worried they’re going to graduate high school and you’re going to have missed all that, did you mean it?” and when they say yes, Say “You know what I’ve got an answer for you but I’ve got to run right now Tom so tell me what’s best for you, we’ve got to meet tonight, it’s time sensitive, is it 4 or 6, what’s best for you?” and run! You don’t want them to corner you. If they corner you and say “What is it?” and you start going into the explanation, what you think you need to say, you’re going to go into those 3 strikes, don’t do it you guys, don’t let them corner you. People want to align themselves business-wise with people that are busy. People that are successful are busy.
Example #2 – “Listen Trisha, you are so smart, there’s something that you’ve got to see. I’ve got to run right now but you and I have to get together as soon as possible, what’s best, tonight at 6 or 7? I keep using those evening examples but the main example you get from it is that you give them 2 options right? You can say breakfast or dinner. I’m running right now, (it’s 10:00 in the morning), I can’t meet you for lunch, I’ve got too much going on but I can meet you tonight, what’s best for you 5 or 6? However you want to give the examples, don’t overwhelm people. When you ask them, what time is best for you, you don’t look like you’re busy, there is no urgency and third thing is you just overwhelmed them again because they have 2 jobs and not enough time with their kids. There’s a reason why In & Out Burger is so successful. Hamburger or cheeseburger, which do you want? Don’t overwhelm people with 40 menu items. It’s easier to give them which one, one or the other and it looks more professional right? Make the invite about them, it’s not about you, you already said yes, you already know where you’re going, you’re already aligned with the team so now it’s about them and where they’re coming from. What are their needs, what are they looking for, where are the gaps in their life, what did they just say to you that gave you the open door to say listen I’ve got an option you didn’t have yesterday.
Example #3 – “You guys, there is something gigantic going on right now and you’ve got to find out about it before you miss out. I’ve got to run but we can all get together tonight, meet at my house, what’s best for you, 5 or 6? If you’re a morning person and you know a lot of morning people, generally people have to work in the morning and that’s another reason I use evening examples but if you’re a morning person and you know a lot of other very entrepreneur-minded people that maybe have their mornings free and are more busy in the evening then give them those options, “What’s best for you? 10:00? We can have breakfast or right after lunch”.
So, I gave you some examples here, the 3 strikes, I gave you 3 examples of invites. I gave you actually, 2 of the most important facets in network marketing and the number 1 rule is ‘talk to more people’ and number 2 is ‘have an effective invite’ because otherwise that list of people, you’re going to burn right through it; that’s your goldmine and you’re goldmine is expanded and made into a ‘platinum-mine’ through all of the people that you get effectively in front of your options, your answer, your information, what you’re so excited about and they become a part of the voice that expands out to their database list and became a ‘platinum-mine’ for you right because everything about this business is how large of a net, how much leverage, how many of us are working together; there’s power in numbers and people know people that you don’t know. Share this with your team. The invite again is critical and key in your effectiveness in network marketing and in your success in helping other people succeed as well.

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