Getting to the Front of the Room

Getting in front of the room is where the most money is made, right? This is where the leaders go, it’s the next step, leaders say yes. So if you said yes to network marketing, you’re already a leader, you’re leading a pack of people with a similar mindset that have said, “No, no more. No, I’m not gonna limit myself, I’m not gonna limit my family’s future, nobody is gonna tell me what I’m worth, I’m gonna be in an industry where I’m surrounded by positivity, I’m surrounded by productive and forward moving people with vision that are willing to be pioneers and give other people an answer because if you remain in the rat race, even if you win the race, you’re still a rat. It’s a hard place to be.

So, if you have a friend Ted, and he said, “Hey, you know I’ve been miserable the last three years and never see my kids, I’ve got to get away from this job. I’ve only gotten a fifty cent raise in the last two and a half years, this is not working for me.” Go back to him, pose the question back to him, when you said this, X, Y and Z Ted, did you mean it? And when he says, “Yeah, of course I did” let him know you have an answer. In that case, Ted becomes your business partner as you become a part of network marketing with the team of people that get energized you, that gave you that motivation and that inspiration to step out of the box and to break that chain that binds you and become that crazy network marketer you guys, it pays off, I promise you.

Bill and I were two of the people that were intent on never entering marketing; in fact we said the word never. So, I would say, don’t say the word never, every time I say that I seem to get myself in a predicament like I would never jump out of a perfectly good plane and this summer that’s exactly what I did. Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s about living and not existing and these are keys. I’m gonna give you three key points I’m presenting today that will make you a very successful presenter, network marketer and more than that, I’ll show you how beautiful the team work is in network marketing. People say network marketing can be hard, absolutely it can, life is gonna be hard outside of these walls with or without network marketing. The thing is, within network marketing, you get a residual income, so tell me about that. The work you did once, you get paid over and over again for, so it’s a different kind of platform and that hard work is really heart work, it is not hard work and you can keep it simple if you promise me one thing, plug in to the team, that is leverage, it’s leverage for you, it is a win-win, they help you succeed and it shows other people that they don’t have to do everything, that they have a team that supports them, that they have training in place and the keys, everybody’s business, we have different products we have a slightly different or a very dramatically different comp plan so there may be points that you want to drive home during your presentation.

The key four points of successful network marketing and presenting is to make sure that you hit on, leadership, training, support and team. Those are the key points that keep people engaged in network marketing, you may be able to have certain key points about your company, your products, different things that you have to offer that you feel no other company has and putting those out there, of course that’s a strong point. But these four keys are the keys that keep people engaged above all things. Don’t take my word for it, it’s proven, its industry statistics, feedback from those that have weathered, that have been a part of several companies and found the one. Leadership, training, team and support.

So, getting to the front of the room should be really easy, if tomorrow or yesterday was your first day to be in network marketing, these three rules, these three keys to success where you’re going to need pen and paper are going be crucial; not only for you to keep it simple but for you to keep it duplicable and we know that simplicity when done right in network marketing is where that gigantic incomes come from because they allow duplication, duplication, duplication, duplication. Somebody said it not too long ago, the best of network marketing means you’re going to work, work, work, work, work, get paid. Then you’re gonna work, work, work, work, get paid. Then you’re gonna go work, work, work get paid, then you work, work, get paid. Then you’re gonna work, get paid. Then you’re gonna get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, that’s the beauty of network marketing and as your voice and your team grows and without you being duplicable then it would not be possible. So, when you start presenting, your part is simple, it should be to tell your story, it should be in your first day, you should be able to tell the story of why you chose the platform of the company that you decided to say yes to, the platform of income you’ve chosen and that’s your story, at the front of the room; two to three minutes, give your story. Perfect your story. Now your story is gonna grow, your story is going to evolve but when you first get started, that is how simple it is to start presenting, let the team present with you, do the heavy lifting on the company’s story, company compensation plan and so forth.

Your part is to simply get into the water, it’s not as cold as you think it is, jump in, join the party and tell your story. This business, this industry network marketing is built on stories, we are the word of mouth advertising. So, get up there, people will relate to you, do not be worried if you’re nervous, if your knees are shaking, if you’ve never been in front of a room, a group of people, five people, fifty people, it doesn’t matter. You have a strength that I have long since lost, capitalize on it, I wish I would have known this, I wish Bill and I had known this really at the beginning of our network marketing career six and a half years ago when we launched with our company. We would have grown faster but the strength that you have is called RAW, R-A-W, people will relate to you. I look a little more polished, I’m not as nervous, my posture is extremely strong, my conviction is huge because the checks that come in, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people retire, the belief is sky high. You may be entering this industry for the first time, you maybe have never had success before this industry, you may never have been to the front of the room. Let people know that, it’s okay, give them the reason why you’ve chosen this platform, why you’re willing to get pass those nerves because its way too important that they share this answer with the guests in the room, that they share this answer with you. Let them know you’re nervous, more people are going to relate to you than they are to me in that perspective you guys, so utilize it to your benefit.

I’m gonna tell you a quick story, I too was nervous to get to the front of the room, some people don’t believe me anymore, I still get nervous, I think it’s nervousness, I actually convinced myself it’s excitement, how can we know what we know and not share it with the world? So, I can’t wait to get in front of a room, I can’t wait to get on a stage, I can’t wait to share the incredible industry of network marketing with every single person that I meet but at the beginning, it looked way different.

I remembering worrying that Bill and I were gonna need to get in front of the room in order for us to become the leaders we wanted to find, right? You can’t ask people to do what you’re not willing to do. So, Bill and I would get together, I would pull out a white board, put it on a stand, have my notes ready, be very educated to our company, what we had to offer, the company story which there really wasn’t much of one. We were part of creating that as pioneers and visionaries but most of you have the benefit of a company story, utilize that, you have the benefit of history in other people having success that are around you, utilize their stories but I would be studying my notes and I would say, “Ok Bill, I’m ready, I’m going to present for you and I want you to give me constructive guidance”. Now, you notice I said constructive guidance, nobody likes constructive criticism you guys, it’s just not a positive thing. Give them constructive guidance, they want to succeed, they want to be you, they want to know what you know, give them the guidance, be the beacon of light. So I asked Bill to give me that constructive guidance and I would start my presentation, I would tell my story, by the time I got to the whiteboard, I would be looking at Bill, the only person in the room with me, my husband and I would say, “Hold on just a second, you’re making me nervous, you can’t look at me”.

And he’d say, “Cynthia, how am I supposed to give you constructive guidance if I can’t even look at you while you’re presenting?” I was so tied up in knots, worried about what I was going to do, worried about what I was going to say, do you see what was happening? I was putting our business on pause because I wasn’t just willing to let it flow, be me, give what I had to give and learn along the way. Instead I wanted perfection, I wanted to look great at the front of the room, I didn’t want people to laugh at me, I didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Well RAW is great you guys and if you don’t answer everything that’s even better, because my second key point that I want to make for all of you guys, the first was, get to the front of the room. Get to the front of the room tell your story and let it be raw, it so powerful, be the beacon of light.

Speaking to people makes a lot of people very nervous but when you have a team up there with you saying, “Oh my gosh, that’s incredible, did you hear David’s story? How inspirational is that and how many of you can relate?” And as their business partner you get up and you take the reigns after you edify them and their story and elevate them as an up and coming leader, you do your part; you show them that this is a business of support. This is a business of running with business partners, you are not alone, this is team work, this is the beauty of network marketing. How many of you are making it too hard on yourselves, how many of you see where you could have gone back and simplify the couple of steps, okay? You say yes to network marketing, you’ve launched your business, you get to the front of the room, that day, that night, the next morning as soon as possible and you duplicate that in your team and how many people are at the front of the room and how is the belief building and how is the duplicating from that? Well, leadership, training, support and team. How are you hitting on all four marks out of the gate, as somebody gets up, as you get up and tell your story.

Well, you guys, I want you to realize that the power is in the story and I hope that I have reiterated that several times for you, the power is in the team work, the power is not in growing this business alone, you do enough of that at work. Everything, all the tasks that are on your shoulders are on your shoulders, if you don’t perform you’re the one that gets cut. You can’t go home for three days and say, “Hey Joe, will you have my back and send me the check but do what we would have been doing together, just keep moving” And you know, instead he’s going to want your job for twenty five cents less because he feels like I’m doing the work anyway, I need the raise, I need that position. Here in network marketing we have each other’s backs, right?

It’s a win-win, if we elevate you, you get to the front of the room and you start speaking in with your story because nobody else in this industry has your story, nobody will relate to people the way that you do particularly, somebody will move based on you and you alone and knowing the power of that should drive you out of your comfort zone into a place of paying it forward. How badly do you want this, for you and your family and your family’s future? For those other people that are praying and hoping and thinking and waking up in the middle of the night at 3:03 AM, hoping, having faith in something like this coming across their path and you have the answer for them. So, think about where you sit, okay? So, the power is in the story, get to the front of the room, the power is in the story is number two and number three, the power in presenting, overall presentation. Now we’re not just talking about one key factor of you getting to the front of the room, of you getting your newest business partner that’s nervous to the front of the room. It is about the team, working as a whole to a presentation. A presentation should be something that is short, that is sweet, that is powerful. If it is not, you are going to intimidate people, you are going to make them feel like you are trying to convince them, you are going to make them feel like they can’t be you.

So, psychologically twenty-five to twenty-nine minutes is the max and some of you guys are taking a deep breath, this industry is known for one and a half, two hours of presentation and quite frankly it doesn’t matter what you have at that point, you’ve lost people. They have two jobs, not enough time with their kids and they don’t see themselves being you or you’ve said so much that they’re thinking to themselves, I’ve already gone to school, I’ve learned a lot to do what I’m doing and to get paid the way that I’m getting paid, I barely have enough time with my family as it is. There is no way that I’m going to learn all that standing at the front of the room spend two hours and then spend another hour and a half at the meeting after the meeting.

So you guys, let’s be really smart about how getting to the front of room makes the largest checks, okay? It’s not convincing, it is through bullet points, strong relatable team effort presentations, right? So, the power is in a twenty-five to twenty-nine minute presentation or less, if you don’t believe me, look it up psychologically you will lose a tremendous amount of people after that point. Let the presentation create curiosity, don’t answer every question, you don’t need to. You’ve seen presentations where people run out of the room. They are running out the room because they felt sequestered. They had a friend invited them, out of respect they sat there, they listened to the presentation and then they couldn’t wait to leave for all the reasons I just gave you and on top of that, they don’t have any questions, they are way too overwhelmed, they are on overload. Instead, make it short and sweet, make them want more. What they are going to remember is the presentation time. They are not going to remember the meeting after the meeting where it’s voluntary, where they decided to stay there, where they had questions. Questions are great, that’s forward movement, that’s them saying they want more, that’s them convincing themselves that they need something different and that’s why they’re staying there, that you’ve given them something that they didn’t have yesterday, they’ve been given an answer. So keep it short and sweet, touch on the power points of your company, of network marketing.

The way we set it up, people ask us all the time, what is your outline, its easy. You have someone tell their story, preferably somebody that’s hosting, that can give a story from a really raw perspective, they’re just getting started, they’re just getting their feet in the water and they introduce a business partner, someone from the team which is going to show the team work and the support. That person then tells their story in a very quick one minute, so it’s shorter than the first and then begins sharing the company’s story, if your company has a video, if your team has a video on the business side, on the company’s story, guess what, you’ve just been given the fast track because everybody can push play. Most people are intimidated by talking about a business that maybe they haven’t made much money in yet, it may be proven, there’s people all around them but instead they’ll go and hide behind the products because the products have a story that they don’t yet have. So pushing play puts them in the position of making sure that that business story gets told and what should you start with but the largest denominator, right?

The largest denominator that you have to offer and the compensation plans throughout our industry offer, income. Whether it’s supplemental income, whether it’s exit strategy income or whether it’s record breaking incomes, right? Our industry offers that and people come here for financial gain, financial surplus, financial stability or financial security for generations. Whatever it is, own it, own why you come here and make sure that that business story gets told because people like I said earlier, they don’t wake up at 3:03 AM wondering about certain things, they actually wake up sweating going, “Oh my God, how am I going to take care of my family”, not what can I buy tomorrow, what can I purchase tomorrow, how can I find the next new skin care, the next new lip stick etc. I’m not knocking any products guys but Bill and I have been there, we lost everything and there was nothing on my mind except for how I could create a scenario of stability for my family because I couldn’t stand seeing them hurting anymore. I couldn’t stand seeing them uncomfortable anymore so I got out of my own way and I got uncomfortable and I became a crazy network marketer.

So, after that business presentation video, if you’re still using the white board, we haven’t used a whiteboard in years you guys which makes it extremely duplicable, also, less intimidating to a lot of people and if you really think about it. It takes that thought process of it’s one of those things away from a lot of people because those whiteboards tend to look like one of things, sat there and maybe said no a couple of times because of that. Now it looks different, here you are, you’re a crazy network marketer, welcome to the team. Story, business story, your personal story, business story and then a couple of key facts, we give four key points, this is all in twenty-five to twenty-nine minutes. Four key points on the power of residual income, the fact that of course we are a service and we have products that people can purchase. We provide a service, we share information, allow them to see that they can participate in what we have to offer as a customer, as a business partner which is also a customer that just happens to get paid and so forth so on. Those are the two key points, third, how does that person gets started and fourth, what exactly would they be doing. Well, I’m not going to go into those key points right now, I’ll do that on a future training but I can tell you this, what should they be doing, the guest in the room? The only thing they should be thinking about is how they got there, invite, get someone in front of the information, introduce them to a business partner and ask them to participate in our company. Either launch their business or benefit from the product offerings that we have as a customer. One way they’re spending their money, the other they’re growing their money but we do offer both and people can pick and choose on their own.

The last key component is to make sure that people are clear on how they launch their business and how they make an income, every company has a different comp plan, every company has different incentive plans, our company has an income disclosure statement because we are publicly traded, so proud of that because we can show the incomes that are being made. We close out our presentations with that powerful business close, okay? So, you’ve touched on your products in the middle, what you have to back up your comp plan, you’ve touched on what exactly that person would be doing, growing a business in that company, how they’re gonna get paid is what I’m addressing right now. And the other is the last key point that I hit on, make sure the people understand the power of this industry residual income and how the work that they do once is something that they get paid for over and over again. And the last key point you guys in every presentation no matter what company, no matter what you have to offer, please don’t forget to ask that guest in the room to get started that night, right now, be excited. People, at the beginning of our company, we had no check stories, we had no proof that our company was gonna work but we were wild, crazy, excited to be pioneers and visionaries of our company. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing, we were ignorance on fire but we attracted to that light a lot of people that said, “you know what, you look fun, you like your having fun and I don’t know where you’re going but you look pretty focused to me like you’re a winner and I don’t want to get left behind and I’ll just learn along the way.” That is powerful you guys, so if you’re launching a company in network marketing, if you’re a part of that powerful group that has the guts and has the tenacity, the stick-to-it-ness, buckle down, hunker down and be a pioneer.

Then guess what, you too have a powerful platform to launch your business with, your story is that you chose to be a pioneer and visionary because X, Y and Z and you don’t want others to miss it. Think about your strong points, everybody has them, every single one of us, no matter how much we fell down in this life, no matter how much we’ve succeeded in our life, no matter how much income we make on a yearly basis. No matter if we’ve been a stay at home mom and you guys, people that have been in predicaments where they’re just coming out of you know, maybe rehab or a huge catastrophe in their life, maybe they haven’t made a whole lot out of their life yet. This is their platform, network marketing is a blind compensation plan that pays the passionate, that pays the driven, that pays the hungry, that pays those that want to pay it forward through creating massive change, time and choice in the lives of everyone that’s willing to move, that’s willing to do their part.

So, you guys, today, get to the front of the room, that’s where people get paid. If you haven’t, you’ve been in your company for a month, set that reset button, call up your leadership, call up your mentorship, call up your team, get them all on the phone one time. Make that commitment to yourself, make that commitment to them, let them celebrate with you tonight, today is the day for you to get to the front of the room, tell your story and watch what happens. You guys, there’s nothing like gifting people and see that you get to be a speck of a part of changing the world and lives around you. It is the compensation that doesn’t come in the form of a check but will go to the grave with you as you know that you were able to help hundreds of thousands and millions and I have chills right now of other people reach their goals in this life, give their family more and be able to give that to others too.



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