Get to the front of your life – Live, Don’t Exist

We all network and so I want to talk to all of you today as you join us about getting to the front of your life. Get to the front of your life guys, start living if you’re not already living the life you’ve dreamt of, know that it’s possible. It is probable, in fact if you can imagine it is something that there is that is there for the taking. Do you believe it, do you want it, are you willing to do what it takes? That’s the only difference, it’s only a hand’s reach away from every single person. It’s very important you are the thumb of the five people you hang around the most, it’s just the facts and so if you hang around with the thumb of people, I’m not knocking it, I’m just giving example that make forty thousand dollars a year. Five of the people that you hang around, make an equivalent of forty or an average of forty thousand dollars a year, guess where you’re probably going to hit?

If you surround yourself with five people that are constantly negative in your life or were okay with mediocrity, not really shooting for the stars not looking forward in their life. Not really the givers they want to be, maybe they’ve given up on some things, guess what, no matter how big you think, no matter how big you dream it’s probably gonna pull you down, so get to the front of your life. You get to the front of your life, get to the front of the line and start living.

So, getting to the front of your life, start living, how many of you feel that you’re living a limited life, that you’re not doing all the things you’ve dreamt of, that you’re not able to create a life where you’re pulling your dreams and your bucket list off the shelf in one by one, achieving, experiencing and giving those things. Your bucket list should include what you’re going to live out, but it but it should include what you’re gonna leave in this life. It’s very important that we give. The more you give, the more you received and that is how successes is made by helping other people be successful. Yes, live but don’t exist and I think that’s my husband chiming in, live but don’t exist guys and that’s my family motto. It reminds us every single day of what makes us happy, you remind yourself do you write it now and say it out loud what truly makes you happy are you holding it back because it’s just too hard to realize that not your reality. In us saying live but don’t exist, that is wisdom coming from generations above us.

Saying, you know, we’ve lived our lives out, we look back, these are the things that we can give you, do not give up on life, do not set your dreams aside. If you do you’ll regret them and through that wisdom we’ve decided on that motto, lived but don’t only exist. Do you have a motto like that in your life, do you have a focus, does your family have a saying, do you have goals that you can achieve together? Well I can also say live but don’t exist reminds me of how precious time is because we’re not promised tomorrow, we are promised right now. We’re promised today and today, right now, the way we’re living our life is the watermark, is the impression, is the gift that will give to generations to come. They will forget our names eventually but what will remain is the impact on their lives, is that important to you?

So then, welcome to a similar mindset in my family to yours but also welcome to the mindset of network marketing. We love the profession in, where you end up make a living most honorable way you can by helping other people achieve their goals. The byproduct for us is in abundance in our family and there’s no point having abundance unless you share it. Too few of us know the power that because we’re just trying to pay our own bill, we’re barely trying to get by, taking a deep breath and going through the day in, day out because we don’t know anything different and in the mid you don’t get the fulfillment of being able to give over to someone else fills our soul in a way that I can’t put words to. So, it’s way too common for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. It’s way too common for people to spend their whole life waiting to start live, how many of you today have you decided that no more, no more? Or if you are living that great life give me more, do you want more of what you got or do you wanna find more. You got options you guys, you’ve got answers they didn’t have yesterday.

I am Cynthia Delaney, Bill Delaney is my husband. We built a future together and we were basically strangers at the onset, build a future that they may never have had to get to know each other really well along the way from lifetime friendship through a similar mindset. Just no more of what I’ve got, no more being limited, no more lack but more abundance, more are looking forward to tomorrow. How many of you woke up and say oh my gosh today will be the best day yet don’t say the best day ever say best yet because you don’t want that to be your best day ever. Otherwise tomorrow won’t be near as good potentially, you want to say yes, you want to expect the best of your life to be in front of you. I don’t say this often age is just a thing it is but it’s not something I talk about a lot but I am forty plus and you guys I don’t have a hundred and fifty years left and neither does my husband so we’re very conscious about how we spend each day and how we build our lives and we want to wake up looking forward to what adventures and what gifts we have to give in this life. So I want you to think right now about how many times you may say to yourself next week.

You may sit around the dinner table and say to your family next month, you know we didn’t get to go to that amusement park, we didn’t get to take that trip so we’ll do that next time and next month becomes next month, that becomes next month becomes next month. Or he may have to say next year, I’m sorry for Christmas this year we didn’t make it to see those Christmas lights, we didn’t make it to see that family because my health is bad, because our job would allow us half the time with half the time we needed to go or just because you know what, we’re always putting stuff off, we’re always putting stuff off. And in that case you gotta ask yourself, how long before you say my next life, next life, maybe I’ll get another shot at this deal or maybe I’ll finally find peace or maybe you know what, this life is so incredible we’re all been born into an immense amount of abundance. If you’re born into poverty it’s a situation. It is a scenario, it is a circumstance if you die in poverty, it is an absolute choice for each and every one of us and I’m not just talking about monetary poverty, I’m talking about poverty of time, poverty of love, poverty of a lot of things. It’s a lot of things because we can have an abundance of time actually a lot of that really is designated by the choices you made for income so I really want you to think about that.

So I started talking to you about live don’t exist, it’s way too common for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living, that’s number one. Number two is and I want you to realize that you don’t always need a plan, you don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, you need to trust and you need to let go. Things come across our paths all the time, choice is an option and change can be a scary. For me it’s scary to not change, it’s scary to remain in the same place it was, it was what scared Bill and I right to the top of our company and to be able to help hundreds of people retire. I was scared that my family was gonna have to watch them continuing to be uncomfortable, I was more scared of that than the change in front of me that meant I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone and I did. Not everybody does and I watched the loss of that potential future for those that stand by and watch, that standby and hope. Hope you guys is always a hands length away from you. That word is it’s a beautiful word, it’s one that brought a lot of beauty to the world but let me tell you something, I don’t believe in it. It’s a beggar and walks through the fire and faith jumps over it, so have faith in your future, have faith in what you been given, your potential, you were made for greatness.

Get out there and shine your light, other people, other people are waiting for you to set the example, most people are scared to move, scared of change, are scared to think outside of the box, are scared to do anything different than what their friends say they should be doing and that holds you back. In network marketing, in anything you’re involved in your life that you want to be extremely successful at you need to attend everything, everything. If you’re an athlete, you need to attend every single practice to be the best athlete you can be in fact, you will be there last, leaving last. You’ll be practicing at hours when the team isn’t practicing. You’re in the gym working out, you are setting goals high for yourself and high for the team, you’re setting expectations of yourself. You want to be able to reach those goals, I’m sick of being afraid and you don’t have to be somebody, just wrote to me, I’m sick of being afraid right now, right here, make the decision.

Write it down, speak it out loud every single day, I am no longer afraid of living. I am no longer afraid of living, I am afraid of not living and that will not happen because X,Y Z and write that down, one, two, three, why? What are the things you’re doing today to make a difference in your future tomorrow? How is tomorrow going to look any different you guys, If you just woke up and hit the alarm clock, hit the shower, you get in your car and you go to work, you wait for lunch and then you take a breath and then you go to the bathroom and then you go back to work and then you wait for the clock to ding then you finally get in your car and get home and fight the traffic and then your home and you’re thinking I’ve got an hour before the kids go to bed, I want to take this and that I need to clean the dishes and I need to do this and I need to put in a load of laundry and then you put the kids to bed and you try to have a minute with them and then you do it all over again, again, again and again. And then you spend the whole when you should just be celebrating life, in fact, I don’t even know what a weekend is anymore.

Guys, I want this for you, you should know the difference between a Monday and a Saturday and you can have this too. I know it, because I was you, I was trying to figure all this out so that my husband and I can be together, so that he can know his son, so that we would have a better life, so that we would be able to give that to other people. You guys, this is not Albert Einstein science, I look at his science and I look at the algorithms and the theorems and all this and it drives me crazy, that is not me. I’m not that mathematician but I’m a factual, goal oriented woman that loves life, that loves to give to other people and I figured this out along with my husband and there is no point us living this life unless we can pass it along to as many people as possible. I’m tired of procrastinating, okay? I’ve perfected the word, I’m not sure it went off the screen you guys before I saw it, but, yeah no more procrastinating. They did a study on a group of executives at a conference, hundreds of them, they asked them to raise their hand if they were procrastinators, the amount that raised their hand was approximately ten percent. They did another conference with people that were unemployed and they asked them if they are procrastinators, ninety percent held up their hands, enough said.

On to the next thing you guys, you know you gotta let go off habits that have gotten you to where you are, you’ve gotta let go off those habits, they’re not good habits. If you’re not living the life that you want to live and giving it to other people, then change the direction and focus of your life. If you right now think about the people you are surrounding yourself with like I said earlier, you think about where you’re spending the majority of time, that’s where you’re focused and that’s where your life is gonna go. You’ve gotta redirect even if it’s in increments, inches, minutes during the day, start to increase minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and watch what happens in your life. Take baby steps if you need to, some of you are just ready to jump in, you’re sick and tired of the same thing over and over again and you gonna just jump in and that’s where I was. Show me, I wanted the experts, I wanted the ones with knowledge and experience, I wanted the ones results to show us what to do and I wasn’t going to question it. They showed us, we did it, they showed us, we did it, they showed us, we did it. Now, if you are that teachable and trainable you are going to take a short cut and your life is going to change very quickly.

I’m not going to say it’s going to change without pain cause there’s going to be people around you that you find you don’t want to be around so much no more. Because their lack of drive in their life doesn’t want you to make them feel they’re not doing enough and so they’re probably not going to speak a whole lot of support of you stepping out and stepping away and you need to think about that. But not everybody, some of us have friends that are a part of our life and our financial changes or our mental and emotional changes, just encouraging us is where they’re going to be, whether they’re in that exact place or not. Count those friends to be very dear to you because they are far and few between. Most people have gotten into their zone and if you make them think of what they should or could be doing to change their life and their family’s life and could be doing to change the lives of other people around them, it’s going to make them super uncomfortable, they’re more comfortable being uncomfortable you guys.

So, we need to step into our greatness that God put us all in, yes, absolutely you guys. We undermine who we can become all the time so let go off those old habits, breathe, trust, let go. You don’t have to have a whole life plan laid out to know when you hit the start button, you hit the start button and start planning your life as you learn, right? As you grow, surround yourself, choose those people you want around you, that you want your life to emulate. If you know people that a great marriage, they have been very successful, they have a lot of time with their children and that’s what you want. They’re able to give to the charities they love or to people that are underprivileged or even be able to adopt a child and give a child all of that abundance to love that you have. It all equates to changing your life and going in the direction that you wanna be, you know, be do have, be do have. Now, what lies behind you and lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies in front of you. I want you to really hear me, I’m going to close this out today in saying that, what lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies in you. You are a force to be reckoned with, I promise you that, you have a story, a fight, we all do in this life. It’s not an easy one but it’s a beautiful one when you out yourself in a place to be able have that birds eye view. You know, climbing a mountain and sitting on rock and being able to watch the sunset is a very special place. Your life is no different, you know it takes effort to climb to the top of that mountain, it takes focus to get to that rock that you want to sit on and you just know the sunset is going to beautiful looking from. But too many people just say, you know what, tomorrow I’ll climb that rock or I wish I could climb that rock- you can. There is nothing keeping you behind, nothing keeping you from in this life, except for you.

So, if any of you are pointing fingers at any of the people around you, no matter how negative or how un-driven, I want you to stop. That’s their choice, you have choices in this life to make a bigger life and to make a bigger impact. You know, you make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give, you make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give. I want you guys to get to the front of your life and I want you to start living and I don’t want you to start doing it tomorrow. Make that commitment first and foremost to yourself, it’s not for me to hear, it’s not for me to approve or anybody else around you. You will live this life out and you will take that last breath and you will know and remember the people that you have loved, that had loved you and the way that you’ve made an impact on this world or lack thereof. The three top regrets of the dying are, they wished they had had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them, think about that. How many people are you trying to please and where has that been taking you? It may be time to cut those ropes, it may be time to get rid of those chains that bind you and be the person that’s dying inside you to get out. If you’re scared to speak in front of people, if you’re scared other people are going to judge you, I was too, get pass it, I promise you it’s nothing. It’s a fear that’s not real and on the other side of fear is always freedom.

The second regret of the dying is, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard”, that’s because it takes you away from the people that you love and the things that you love doing. You guys have a decision with network marketing, a very specific platform to create leverage and run together with like-minded people that have your back, we have each other’s back and it creates a win-win scenario. Bill and I don’t win unless we help a lot of other people retire and meet their goals and their dreams and that’s big to celebrate with other people and it’s a meaningful and a purposeful life that we’re living. We’re not creating other people’s dreams, we’re creating a change in other people’s life and we’re doing that, first and foremost us making a decision to change our own and the by product is that we’re going out there and going into town and we will touch millions, we will and you will too if you decide to follow in our footsteps. The third regret of the dying is, “I wish I had had the courage to express myself”. That’s a sad one, they are all hard but real, you aren’t dying, you are living right now, no matter where you are. You may be fighting the flu right now, you may be fighting an illness or disease state but you’re living, you’re breathing, you’re making an imprint right now. For those of us that aren’t fighting any of those things that we know of, listen, live big. I know people that their life changes overnight, so be all that you want to be, give to the world, you are a gift to this world, nobody else is like you.

Watch the impact that you make, you’ll get addicted to it, I promise you. It’s amazing when you’re able to live a big life and see more and more coming and you start thinking, wow, I’m not going to live long enough. Even if I live to be two hundred and fifty years old I won’t live long enough, how many people do you know that are in their seventies or eighties saying, you know what, I’ve lived a good life and I’m ready. Shoot no, you guys I’m gonna be a hundred and fifty years old and I hope I go out the way that I lived, I hope I go out in a flame of glory. I hope I go out in a big explosive way and I remind myself of that every day that I better live that big explosive life. I don’t mean you can’t sit back and enjoy being by the pool looking at the mountains or the sunset, that’s living an explosive life, it’s being able to take it in. There are other ways to live too but maybe cause you’re behind four walls and a desk you’re not able to. Think about the choices you make, think about tonight, it’s Friday November 20th something like that, 21st, I don’t know the day but guys mark it in your calendar because you’re not alone, I’m on your side, I have your back.

I hope that I have gifted you and given you a clear vision, permission and empowerment to live the life that you were meant to live and to give others what you have to give and it’s abundance. Its abundance from all of us, its abundance of a life lived and lessons learned and to have someone’s back and to give them the belief and the courage to live their life’s potential as well. If you like what you’ve heard today, I’d love for you to join us at it’s a way to opt in and be connected to future trainings and past video trainings and blogs that we put on our site to empower you. You can also send Bill and I any questions directly to that site, we will get back to you.

You can join us at BCDelaney, Twitter, Facebook and some other social media sources, look for us we want to be a part of your journey and empower you with everything we have already learned. We have knowledge, we have experience and we have passion to the industry of network marketing, the beautiful people in it and what lies in front of each and every one of you. Whether in network marketing yet or not, this a platform that we all on a daily basis participate in but few get paid for and few build a living on. But again, remember what I said, you make a living by what you earn, you make a life by what you give, how much are you able to give? I hope that you have your best weekend yet, make sure that you put that commitment down to yourself. Where are your dreams going and what commitments are you making to yourself and your family and to other people around you. You have the power within you to make that change and you also have the power within you to have the best weekend yet. I can’t wait to join you guys again really soon, thanks for having me, thanks for spending some time with me this evening and take care.



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